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RYCOM-Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Model RC002 
One Key Measurement, Operate Convenient.

Features Contents
Precision:  Measure tolerance is not more than ±0.3 degree
Speed:  Measure time is less than 1 second 
Usage:  One key measurement, operate convenient. 
Non-contact:  Measure for forehead and don't touch skin. 
  This fast temperature is more precision than tympanic test  
  and better than anus temperature test as proved.
Long life:  Install 2 PCS batteries with brand no. 5, use more than 10000 times, 
  the life for using whole thermometer is more than 3000000 times. 
Testing distance:  It can be suitable within 5~15CM and doesn't need to fix testing distance. 
Big screen display: Big screen LCD display, white apheliotropic and make clear display under any ray. 
High temperature alarm:  Set up the alarm temperature freely. 
Storage data:  Store 32 PCS testing data and easily make analysis and comparison. 
Installation revision:  Rivise the installed parameter and be fit for different person with different skin. 
Unit transition:  Can use centigrade, fahrenheit to indicate each other.


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